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532nm & 1064nm Sub Nanosecond DPSS Lasers
(Micro Chip Lasers)

The 532nm and 1064nm Sub-nanosecond Lasers (Micro Chip Lasers) are based on a passively Q-switched DPSS laser with pulse length of only a few hundred picoseconds. The high pulse energy and excellent beam quality make them an ideal source for industrial and scientific applications.

The pump diode module is integrated in the power supply. The laser can be operated from external or internal trigger.

Key Features:


Micro Chip Lasers

Wavelength Power Part Number Repetition Rate
532nm 40mW MCL-532-ISW-040-0.5 0.5KHz
50mW MCL-532-ISW-050-1 1KHz
100mW MCL-532-ISW-100-5 5KHz
100mW MCL-532-ISW-100-10 10KHz
1064nm 80mW MCL-1064-ISW-080-0.5 0.5KHz
100mW MCL-1064-ISW-100-1 1KHz
200mW MCL-1064-ISW-200-5 5KHz
200mW MCL-1064-ISW-200-10 10KHz
200mW MCL-1064-ISW-200-20 20KHz