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532nm & 1064nm Sub Nanosecond DPSS Lasers
(Micro Chip Lasers)

The 532nm and 1064nm Sub-nanosecond Lasers (Micro Chip Lasers) are based on a passively Q-switched DPSS laser with pulse length of only a few hundred picoseconds. The high pulse energy and excellent beam quality make them an ideal source for industrial and scientific applications such as Raman spectroscopy, Mass spectrograph, LIBS - Atmospheric detection / Air Monitoring, LIDAR / Laser Ranging, LIPS – Seed Laser, LIMS – Optical Metrology and Non-linear optical measurement.

The pump diode module is integrated in the power supply. These lasers can be operated from external or internal trigger.

Key Features:


Micro Chip Lasers:

Wavelength Power Part Number Repetition Rate
532nm 40mW MCL-532-ISW-040-0.5 0.5KHz
50mW MCL-532-ISW-050-1 1KHz
100mW MCL-532-ISW-100-5 5KHz
100mW MCL-532-ISW-100-10 10KHz
1064nm 80mW MCL-1064-ISW-080-0.5 0.5KHz
100mW MCL-1064-ISW-100-1 1KHz
200mW MCL-1064-ISW-200-5 5KHz
200mW MCL-1064-ISW-200-10 10KHz
200mW MCL-1064-ISW-200-20 20KHz

Micro Chip Lasers for Medical, Beauty Applications:

Wavelength Repetition Rate Pulse Width (ps) Pules Energy (uJ) Part Number
1064nm 5 ~ 20Hz 650 350 MCM-C-1064-0.02-350
200 MCC-1064-0.02-200
500 280 MCM-B-1064-0.02-280
150 MCB-1064-0.02-150
350 300 MCM-D-1064-0.02-300
120 MCD-1064-0.02-120