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MerCad Telluride (HgCdTe), InAs and InAsSb
Detectors & Modules

VIGO System designs and manufactures HgCdTe (Mer Cad Telluride), InAs (Indium Arsenide) and InAsSb (Indium Arsenside Antimonide) detectors, electronic modules (preamplifiers, TEC controllers, power supplies), and mechanical accessories. Detection modules (infrared detector integrated with the preamplifier in a compact housing), are characterized by:

  • High sensitivity
  • A wide spectral range from 1 to 16 μm
  • High speed with frequency bandwidths up to 1 GHz
  • Optimized gain of the measured signal
  • High Speed Temperature Measurement
  • High Speed Spectroscopy
  • Precise Gas Measurement
Photoconductive Detectors - PC

Photoconductive Detectors' Optically Immersed – PCI
Lowers noise, smaller chip & very fast

Photovoltaic Detectors - PV

Photovoltaic Detectors' Optically Immersed – PVI
Lowers noise, smaller chip & very fast

Photovoltaic Multiple Junction Detectors - PVM

Photoelectromagnetic detectors – PEM

Quadrant Geometry Detectors - PCQ, PVMQ & PVQ

Detector Packages – BNC, PEM (2), TO-8 & TO-66

IR Windows

Detector Code (Part Numbers)
Accessories - Programmable, precise and low noise thermoelectric cooler controllers, power supplies, as well as mechanical and optical

Glossary, Descriptions and Definitions

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