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Chalcogenide IR-Fiber Cables

art photonics development of specialty fibers for the Mid-Infrared region has resulted in a unique product – Chalcogenide Infra-Red (CIR-) fibers. Based on chalcogenide glasses (As2S3) they transmit IR-radiation in the spectral gap between Silica fibers (0.2-2.4µm) and Polycrystalline InfraRed (PIR) fibers (4-18µm) in the range of 1.5 – 6µm

Our single- and multimode CIR fibers are drawn in core/clad structure with double polymer coating and characterized by a low optical loss.



Fiber Specification

Standard Fibers CIR-8/200 CIR-250/300 CIR-350/400 CIR-500/550
Core diameter, µm 8 250 350 500
Cladding diameter, µm 200 300 400 550
Protective coating, µm 300 380 510 700

* other diameters are available on request


Transmission Range 1.5 - 6 µm
Core material As2S3
Cladding material As-S
Primary Protective tubing PTFE
Secondary Protective tubing PVC
Core Refractive Index 2.4
Effective NA 0.25 – 0.28
Minimum bending radius 200 x Fiber diameter
Operating temperature, °C -200 < T < 100
Maximum transmitted Power, W 1 (CW)

Application Notes