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PIR-fiber delivery set for CO2 laser

A set of 4 components for flexible delivery of CO2 laser radiation

Application: A medical laser delivery system for transmission energy of laser to a surgical site of a patient.

Used in: Stomatology, Urology, Proctology
Adjustable coupler to laser head
Hermetic unit
PIR-fiber cable
Focusing handpiece
Common features Total transmission (1.5 m length)
Maximum input power
Minimal bending radius
30 W CW
10 cm
Focusing handpiece Focusing handpiece diameter
Focusing handpiece length
Focal spot size
Operating distance*
max 22 mm
max 100 mm
0.65-0.9 mm
20 mm
PIR-Fiber cable According to PIR-fiber specifications, in PEEK tubing and outer jacket, carrying cooling gas, Ti-SMA-connectors
Coupler to laser head Maximal laser beam diameter
Length (with hermetic unit)
Connecting dimensions**
8 mm
30 mm
140 mm
Scruew M30*1
Hermetic unit Nipple dia
Cooling gas pressure
6 mm
0.1-0.15 atm

* Distance from lens to object
** Can be modified according request