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Specialty Fibers and Fiber Cables

copper coated high power fiber cableFiber optic cables are of critical importance for the photonics industry and provide a flexible mechanism for light delivery or light detection applications.

art photonics offer high-performance, high-quality specialty optical fiber cables covering the UV (180nm) to the Mid Infrared (18µm) for applications that include industrial manufacturing, military, environmental sensing, and space applications.

In addition to their range of standard products, their fiber optic cables can even be customized to meet the needs of the research & development environment where, novel coupling and mixed bundles are often required:

Specialty Fibers and Fiber Cables:

Fiber Optic Cables for Laser Beam Delivery including High Power    
Metal Coated Fibers and Fiber Cables  
High Power Silica Fiber Cables  
Polycrystalline IR-Fiber Cables  
Chalcogenide IR-Fiber Cables  
CIP/SIP ATR Fiber Probe  
Comparison of CIR- & PIR Fibers  
PIR-fiber delivery set for CO2 laser