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Beam Shapers for Lasers

The Wavelength Technology beam shaper is designed to change the Gaussian profile of a light source (usually a laser) to a Top-Hat profile.

Existing beam shaper designs have a maximum input beam size of 4.6mm and output at 8mm. These include beam shapers for 355nm, 532nm, 1064nm, 10.6um.

The output beam is collimated. This allows it to be used with normal lenses after the beam shaper.

Wavelength Technology can design for your specific wavelength or application requirements.

Gaussian Profile

Top-Hat Profile



Typical Beam Shaper Specifications

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Part no. Input Beam Size (mm) Output Beam Size (mm) Dia 1 (mm) Dia 2 (mm) L1 (mm) L2 (mm) Working Distance
BS-355 4.6 6 M24x0.5 31.8 167.4 172.4 25-200mm
BS-405 4.6 6 M24x0.5 31.8 167.4 172.4 25-200mm
BS-532 4.6 6 M24x0.5 31.8 167.4 172.4 25-200mm
BS-1064 4.6 6 M24x0.5 31.8 167.4 172.4 25-200mm
BS-10.6 3.5 7 M27x0.5 34.5 49 113 25-200mm
BS-355-6-w600 5.8-6mm 5-5.5mm 100-600mm
BS-405-6-w600 5.8-6mm 5-5.5mm         100-600mm
BS-532-6-w600 5.8-6mm 5-5.5mm 100-600mm
BS-1064-6-w600 5.8-6mm 5-5.5mm         100-600mm

Applications and Benefits:

The Top Hat profile from the beam shaper produces a higher quality mark or cut than a Gaussian profile for laser drilling and marking applications.