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  Synthetic diamond made by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is a fast growing, cost effective material. Delivering the superior properties of diamond in larger sizes, at a lower cost and with increased post- processing capabilities; CVD Diamond has replaced less effective materials in existing industries and become the chosen material for challenging next generation applications.

Thermal conductivity can be tailored to Your Needs:
  • Low - black diamond 700-800 W/mK
  • Medium - opaque diamond 900-1000 W/mK
  • High - optically clear diamond 1700-1800 W/mK
Customized sizes for unique applications:
Diamond growth can be on 2, 2.5 and 3" wafers. Free standing diamond can be grown to thicknesses ranging from 80 um to 1mm. Specific diameters and geometries can be laser cut to produce custom parts for unique applications. Diamond can be grown as thin as 30 nm directly on Si as a membrane or supported by a lattice structure.
Standard Thicknesses:
  • 150 um
  • 300 um
  • 500 um
Post-Processing Techniques for Specific Requirements
Diamond polishing equipment can make the surface finish of materials highly smooth, less than 10 nm PV if required. Additional post-processing capabilities include metalization for bonding, mounting to a flange for vacuum and pressure applications and brazing.
Strong, Affordable Material for a Variety of Uses
Whether it's thermal management, optical transmission or thin diamond applications, CVD diamond has become the optimal material of choice. CVD diamond is presently used in a variety of industries including defense, electronics, homeland security and medical.
Diamond UV and X-Ray Detectors, Gamma (y) Ray Radiometers,
Charged Particle Detectors and Bio and Chemical Sensors

HIGH purity synthetic CVD Diamond presents unique characteristics that make it an excellent material for radiation detection. Diamond can detect any kind of radiation that is more energetic than its band gap of 5.5 eV, e.g., deep UV photons, x-rays, gamma rays, charged particles and neutrons with a dynamic range in energies spanning from 5.5 eV up to GeV of cosmic rays. Because of its radiation hardness it needs no frequent replacements, its high mobility for both electrons and holes equates into a very fast response (rise time < 100 ps). It can be operated at room temperature with no need for cooling. It has a resistivity several orders of magnitude greater than silicon, an extremely low leakage current and a thermal conductivity better than copper. More
Technical Notes: