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High Speed Photoreceivers - up to 200 MHz


Photoreceivers with high sensitivity at high bandwidth

The series HCA-S-200M Photoreceivers combine fast photodiodes with the proven and outstanding FEMTO HCA Current Amplifier technology. The HCA-S-200M is available with either a fast large area Si or InGaAs photodiode covering a spectral range from 320 to 1000 nm and 900 to 1650 nm, respectively. The amplifier transimpedance is 2 x 10V/A resulting in a maximum conversion gain of 2 x 104 V/W at 1550 nm for the InGaAs model. The sophisticated DC coupled multi-stage amplifier design allows measurements from DC to a maximum bandwidth of 200 MHz corresponding to a minimum rise-time of 1.8 ns. With a NEP as low as 6 pW/√Hz signals with an optical power in the micro-Watt range can be detected without the need for further averaging.

Customized Photoreceivers

Every application is different with its individual requirements for bandwidth, gain and responsivity. Therefore FEMTO offers customized photoreceivers with optimized specifications for a great variety of applications in addition to the standard product portfolio. After a detailed analysis we offer individual solutions at very reasonable prices and already in single quantities. Please contact us for details.
  • Spectroscopy
  • Fast Pulse and Transient Measurements
  • Optical Triggering
  • Optical Front-End for Oscilloscopes, A/D Converters and Ultra Fast Lock-In Amplifiers


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Model HCA-S-200M-SI HCA-S-200M-IN
Spectral Range 320 ... 1000 nm 900 ... 1700 nm
Bandwidth (-3dB) DC ... 200 MHz DC ... 200 MHz
Rise Time (10% - 90%) 1.8 ns 1.8 ns
Transimpedance Gain 2 x 104 V/A 2 x 104 V/A
Max. Conversion Gain 1.1 x 104 V/W (@ 800 nm) 1.9 x 104 V/W (@ 1550 nm)
Min NEP (@ 1 MHz) 9.3 pW/√Hz (@ 800 nm) 5.4 pW/√ Hz (@ 1550 nm)
Saturation Power 110 μW (@ 800 nm) 60 μW (@ 1550 nm)
Detector Si PIN, Ø 0.8 mm InGaAs PIN, Ø 0.3 mm
Input Free Space, 25 mm Ø Flange
Output 50 Ω, BNC
Output Voltage Range + 1.7 V @ 50 Ω Load
Power Requirements + 15 V, + 60 mA Typ.

Low Noise Input/Output Cable available: CAB-LN1 Low Noise Cable

Threaded M4 and 8-32 holes for mounting on standard posts. 25 mm
Ø flange compatible with microbench systems. Offset adjustable by trimpot. Fiber optic input optional. Output short-circuit protected. Power supply via 3-pin LEMO socket. A mating connector is provided with the device. Optional power supply PS-15 is available. For further information please view the datasheet.

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