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Miniature Ultra Low Noise Current Amplifier - Preamplifier

LCA Series

  • Very Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Ultra low noise - input noise down to 7 fA/Hz
  •  Bandwidth up to 2 MHz
  • Gain up to 1010 V/A
  • Flat Frequency Response
  • EMI-Shielded Case
  • Stackable for Multiple Channels (see picture below)

Why use a Preamplifier Module?
Unlike desktop-amplifiers, preamplifier modules provide gain close to the detector before the signal-to-noise ratio significantly decreases due to cable capacitance and noise pickup. Signal processing and measuring after preamplifying has no effect on the signal/noise performance.

Gain and Noise
In order to achieve an extremely low noise performance in the LCA current amplifier very high gains were chosen, while nevertheless minimizing the associated bandwidth reduction. Thus, as a result of our sophisticated development efforts, we can offer a professional "High-End" current amplifier line. The noise performance of our products surpasses by far that of conventionally designed OpAmp-current-to-voltage converters at the corresponding bandwidth.

Bandwidth and Frequency Response
FEMTO ultra low-noise current amplifiers show almost ideal behavior without the need for special adaptations or frequency compensations. Bandwidth and frequency response are independent of source capacitance up to 10nF. No gain peaking will occur.

Preamplifier for Lock-Ins
Lock-in amplifiers usually have a special current input. By using instead a low noise preamplifier in noise limited experiments, even the sensitivity and speed of a DSP Lock-in is strongly increased. Femtoampere currents can then be measured within a few milliseconds.

Photodetection with PMTs and Photodiodes
Scanning Tunneling Electron Microscope
Ionization Detectors
Pyro and Pyroelectric Detectors

Low Noise Input/Output Cable available: CAB-LN1 Low Noise Cable

Variable Gain Current Amplifier Comparison

FEMTO Product Catalog (pdf)

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