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Low Noise Cable SERIES CAB-LN1

  • Minimizes triboelectric and microphonic noise
  • Designed for ultra sensitive current and charge measurements
  • Noise level reduction by a factor of 1,000
  • Highly shielding coaxial design
  • Fully assembled with premium quality connectors
  • Ultra high insulation resistance > 1014 Ώ
    – guaranteed
  • Various lengths available

Mechanical influences on a cable (vibration, sound waves, friction, bending etc.) can induce electrical charges by triboelectric effects leading to significant extra noise typically in the low frequency range from quasi-DC up to 100 kHz. When measuring very low currents in the nano-, pico- and femtoampere region this microphonic noise may become the dominating noise source. Even when located in a relatively quiet and silent environment any micro-movement of the cable can produce significant noise levels making a real low noise signal measurement impossible.

FEMTO´s low noise cables are manufactured with a special semi-conductive layer between the dielectric and shield to counteract effectively the microphonic noise. The careful test and evaluation process we have performed in our femtoampere-laboratory showed our CAB-LN1 cable being the best-in-class cable also in comparison to many low noise cables available in the market. Due to the superior cable design the noise reduction compared to ordinary e.g. RG58 or RG174 cable is typically more than 1,000 times.

Performing low current or low charge measurements requires signal cables with very high insulation resistance in order to avoid additional thermal resistance noise. A high insulation resistance is also important for preventing the low currents/charges from flowing to ground (shield) and therefore not contributing to the signal measurement. The cable used in the CAB-LN1 series is a very high insulation type. In addition all FEMTO low noise cables are equipped with ultra-high insulation connectors preserving the high insulation resistance also for the completely assembled cable. Before shipping each cable is thoroughly tested to meet the insulation resistance specification of > 1014 Ώ.


  • Measurements of low currents down to femtoamperes
  • Photodetectors and ionization detectors
  • High resistance measurements
  • Scanning probe microscopy (STM, SPM, STS)
  • Spectroscopy
  • Piezo- and pyroelectric transducers
Length Plug BNC – BNC
0.1 m CAB-LN1-BB-010
0.2 m CAB-LN1-BB-020
0.5 m CAB-LN1-BB-050
1.0 m CAB-LN1-BB-100
1.5 m CAB-LN1-BB-150
2m CAB-LN1-BB-200
3m CAB-LN1-BB-300
5m CAB-LN1-BB-500


LIA-BV-150 Lock-in Amplifier Euro Connector

64 pin Euro-card connector

LEMO-Connectors and Cables

  • High quality connector
  • 3 pin and 4 pin versions available
  • For use with shielded cables
  • Suitable for all FEMTO modules

Fiber Adapters and Free Space Options

FEMTO offers the FST flange for all photoreceivers which are available as FS version.  You have the choice between a 1.035"-40 threaded flange, including coupler ring with 30 mm outer diameter (FST) and a 25 mm unthreaded flange (FS).  Both types offer a broad compatibility with optical standard accessories like tubes, lenses, cage systems, optical adapters etc. from various manufacturers.

The FST version can be easily converted to an optical fiber input using the optional available PRA-FC or PRA-FSMA fiber-adapters.  Please note, that FEMTO recommends the fiber adapters only for photo receivers with photosensitive area of 0.4 mm diameter or more.  Coupling efficiency may be compromised for photodiodes with smaller diameter.


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