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Pulsable & High Power IR Source

Electro Optical Components offers high performance IR sources as well as pyroelectric, thermopile and PbS and PbSe infrared detectors.

EOC offers High Performance Pulsable IR sources.

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Applications for the IR Sources include infrared spectroscopy, gas detection systems, air quality and environment monitoring and medical gas monitoring.

EOC's EP, EF and EK Series IR Sources are a high quality replacement for:

  • The old SVF-series emitters
  • Ion Optics IR sources
  • ICX Photonics IR sources

The EF-853X Series infrared (IR) emitters is designed to be used as pulsable sources of blackbody radiation. The radiating element in the pulsable emitters is an ultra-thin metallic foil configured so that radiation from both sides of the heated foil is efficiently directed out of the package along the optic axis. The foil material has an emissivity of 0.88 and closely emulates a blackbody source in spectral distribution.

Windows for Explosive Gases and Harsh Environments
EOC offers as an option detectors with windows for applications with explosive gasses or harsh environments.

To avoid damaging the IR sources during soldering and cleaning, consider using sockets.

Higher Power Pulsable IR Sources

Product Size
mm / mm2
Spectral Range
Input Power
@ 10Hz mW
Drive C & V
@ 10Hz mA/V
Optical Gain
Lifetime Hours Package
EF-853X & EF-853X R with Reflector 3 element foil 1-5.5 9 50% 4.0W 1.34A/ 3.0     TO-8
EP-38XX Series Tungsten Filament 1-5.5 5 2.4-7.2W 1-2A/2.2-3.5V Built in gold reflector
EP-853X Series NiCr Film 1-7 8 3.9W 1.3A/3.5V

High Power Steady State IR Sources

Product Filament
Size mm / mm2
Spectral Range
Drive Current
& Voltage
Reflector Lifetime Hours Package
IRS-001C Cooled
1.2-1.2 7.5W 1.5A/5V Yes 30K
EK-852X Series Kanthal 1-7 4.4W 1.48A/3.0V Built in gold reflector   TO-8
EK-537X Series Tungsten 1-5.5 2.52W 1.8A/1.4V   TO-5

Low Cost Extended Area Blackbodies

Product Type Temperature Range Emissivity Aperture
Temperature Accuracy Resolution
EOC-DBB-L50 Mid/Low Temp. 0 ~ 100°C 0.96±0.02 50 x 50 ±0.05°C 0.01°C
EOC-DBB-L120 120 x 120
EOC-DBB-L160 160 x 160
EOC-DBB-600-100 High Temp 50 ~ 600°C 0.94±0.02 100 x 100 ±0.5°C 0.1°C
EOC-DBB-600-150 150 x 150
EOC-DBB-600-300 600 x 300


Technical Notes:


Source Options:
Standard Filters and Windows