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Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes Modules
for Medical Applications

EOC has a variety of laser diode modules for medical applications, Biophotonics, and Fluorescence detection. For precise applications the wavelength stabilized laser diode modules (±0.5nm) are available. They have laser diode modules with aiming beams. Narrow line width laser diode modules are also available. If you need dual and 3 wavelength laser diode modules, those options are available too.

All lasers (leaded package) require a driver, but many users have or want to design their own driver. If you need a driver for the laser (not laser system) let us know and we will include this.

Single Channel Laser Diode Modules

± CWL Output
Part Number
635 3nm 500mW R635±3–500mWF–14BTF–T
635 10nm 30mW R635±10–30mWF–03BCK–S
650 10nm 2mW R650±10–2mWF–03BCK–S
660 10nm 50mW R660±10–50mWF–03BCK–S
808 10nm 3 or 4W R808±0.5-3WF-R6-G or R808±0.5-4WW-CM-G
808 6W R808±10–6WF–09HHL-T
976 10nm 35W R976±10–35WF–R4S
980 10nm 3W R980±10–3WD–8BULT–PFS
980 10W R980±10–10WF–02HBCK-R
980 20W R980±10–20WF–R2

Narrow Line Width Laser Diode Modules and Systems for Raman Spectroscopy

± CWL Output
Package Part Number Line Width Feature
785 0.5nm 600mW Leaded R785±0.5–600mWF–14SBTF–TG <0.1nm  
Leaded R785±0.5–600mWW–14SBTF–TG  
500mW Small Module NLSO-785-IMW-500 Free Space Module
Module NLO-785-IMF(W)-500 FS & FC Module
830 0.5nm 600mW Leaded R830±0.5–600mWF–14SBTF–TG <0.1nm  
500mW Small Module NLSO-830-IMW-500 Free Space Module
Module NLO-830-IMF(W)-500 FS & FC Module
1064 0.5nm 600mW Leaded R1064±0.5–600mWF–14SBTF–TG <0.1nm  
500mW Small Module NLSO-1064-IMW-500 Free Space Module
Module NLO-1064-IMF(W)-500 FS & FC Module
785, 830
976 or 1064
0.5nm 500mw* Module NLO-XXX-IMF- <0.1nm  
785, 830
976 or 1064
0.5nm 500mw* System NLM-XXX-IMF- <0.1nm  

Dual Wavelength Laser Diode Modules and Systems for Raman Spectroscopy

± CWL Output
Package Part Number Line Width
784 & 785 0.5nm 500mw Module NLO-784/785-IMF(F)-500/500 <0.1 nm
784 & 785 System NLM-784/785-IMF
785 & 830 Module NLO-784/830-IMF(F)-500/500
785 & 830 System NLM-785/830-IMF
785 & 1064 Module NLO-784/1064-IMF(F)-500/500
785 & 1064 System NLM-785/1064-IMF
785 & 1064 0.5nm 600mW Leaded R785/1064±0.5–600600mWF–R2G–TG

Compact Raman Laser - Wavelength Stabilized

Electro Optical Component's Compact Raman Laser offers the same narrow spectral width and wavelength stabilization as the bigger modules, but they are much smaller for Raman applications where size is an issue.

± CWL Output
Package Part Number Line
785 0.5nm 100mW Compact R785±0.5-100mWW-04BCK-S-G 0.1nm

Raman Probes

Electro Optical Component's Raman Probes feature excellent coupling efficiency, wide spectral range, good stability, and can be used for laboratory applications, field measurements, etc.

Model # Type Probe Size
RL-RP-532, 785, 830 or 1064-F Pigtail 107x30x13
RL-RP-532, 785, 830 or 1064-S Free Space 70x30x13