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NDIR Gas Sensors / Detectors

Thermopile Detectors / Sensors / Arrays
Pyroelectric Detector / Sensors
PbS and PbSE  infrared detectors

Pulsable IR Sources

EOC offers several solutions for NDIR gas detection and sensing, including lasers for NDIR gas detection.

Thermopile detectors / sensors / arrays are easy to use; Pyroelectric detectors are reliable,  and PbS and PbSe infrared detectors are fast and very sensitive.

Pulsable IR Sources improve the response of Pyroelectric, Thermopile or PbS and PbSe infrared sensors and detectors in a nondispersive infrared gas detection system.

NDIR gas detector

Pulsable IR source

MerCad Telluride (HgCdTe), InAs and InAsSb Detectors & Modules High Sensitivity, Wide Spectral Range (1 to 16 μm), High Speed up to 1GHz
Electrochemical Sensors Electrochemical sensors from SemeaTech focus on detection of a variety of hazardous gases for work safety and environmental protection.
IR Flame Detection Systems Flame Detection Systems using Pyroelectric and thermopile detectors / sensors are reliable and cover a broad IR band; PbS and PbSe infrared detectors are fast and very sensitive.
VIS-SWIR Graphene Detectors Now there is a detector that works for visible and short wave infrared (SWIR or NIR).
InGaAs Infrared Detectors

InGaAs Infrared Linear Arrays
InGaAs Infrared Detectors and InGaAs Infrared Linear Arrays are the solution for near infrared (NIR) detection / sensing. These detectors are very fast and very sensitive.
infrared detectors
Mid-IR Photodiodes & Narrowband LEDs The “solid state” way of detecting in the Mid IR is to use Mid-IR Photodiodes and Narrowband Mid-IR LEDs. The Mid-IR Photodiodes and Mid-IR LEDs are simple to operate and have fast response.
NDIR Gas Sensor Modules Using NDIR Gas Sensor Modules from smartGAS, you can monitor fruit storage, SF6 gas in high voltage applications, emissions, gases in processes and refrigerant gases.
Micro Pumps for NDIR Gas Sensor Modules High reliability Micro Pumps for NDIR Gas Sensor Modules. Unique design outperforms regular diaphragm pumps.
PbS and PbSE infrared linear arrays PbS and PbSe infrared linear arrays are used for spectroscopy applications to monitor several wavelengths in the mid IR spectrum with densities up to 512 pixels the resolution is excellent.
PbS and PbSe infrared linear array
Quadrant Silicon PIN Photodiodes Quadrant Silicon PIN Photodiodes are used for beam positioning of visible light. quadrant silicon pin photodiodes
Quadrant IR Positioning Sensors greenTEG offers Quadrant IR Positioning Sensors using high sensitivity quad sensors effective for all wavelengths from UV to MIR. The Quadrant IR Positioning Sensors measures position and absolute power sensing of laser beams.
quadrant ir positioning sensors
Heat Flux and Radiation Sensors greenTEG offers Heat Flux and Radiation Sensors (gRAY®) as well as Thermoelectric Generators (gSKIN®). The gRAY® Radiation Sensor is especially suited for measuring laser power and solar radiation. Other applications include thermal measurements in buildings and calorimetry. gSKIN®s are used for a variety of Heat Flux measurement. heat flux and radiation sensors
Silicon Photodiodes with Low Noise Amplifier

Photoreceivers - Si / InGaAs  
FEMTO couples Silicon Photodiodes with Low Noise Amplifiers for high gain for weak signals. Photoreceivers with Si and InGaAs photodiodes are available.
 SI and InGaAs photoreceivers
Temperature Sensor Modules / Radiometers Thermopiles are excellent Temperature Sensor Modules or Radiometers.
UV Photodiodes - SiC / GaN / GaP
SiC UV Photodetectors / photodiodes
GaN UV Photodiodes / detectors
UV-Visible Photodiodes

UV Monitors / Meters / Radiometers
UV Probes / UV Sensor Boards

EOC offers solutions for UV detection and monitoring using solar blind UV photodiodes / detectors made from Silicon Carbide (SiC) for high performance and Gallium Nitride (GaN) for medium performance. These detectors can be used in UV Probes and UV Sensor Boards. Additional applications include UV Monitors, Meters and Radiometers. If you want to monitor UV and Visible light, the UV-Visible Photodiodes are the solution. UV photodiodes
Hydrogen Sensors Hydrogen Sense Technology has developed Hydrogen Sensors that have no interference from other gases, require no oxygen, no consumables (so long lifetime - 10 years), robust, accurate and fast response.
Bio and Chemical Sensors
Diamond UV / X-Ray Detectors
Gamma (y) Ray Radiometer
EOC offers diamond detectors for Diamond UV and X-Ray Detectors, Bio and Chemical Sensors and Gamma (y) Ray Radiometers. Diamond superior properties are effective for light sources as well as for detecting minimum ionizing particles in High Energy Physics applications where the detector is exposed to high doses of radiation. Diamond detectors are also used for beam alignment in high beam energy applications.
Radiation Alarm Monitors & Detectors: X, y and Gamma


Cesium Iodine Gamma Sensor Module consisting of a cesium iodide crystal, a photodiode, and a high-gain preamplifier

Gamma personal radiation alarm

Mini-Gamma sensor with a compact mechanical design allowing the sensor to be used in small digital devices