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Specialty High Voltage Power Supplies

Systems Development & Solutions (SDS) broadens its product line to respond to specific market demands with new developments in high-voltage power supply units.

Using its longstanding expertise in high-voltage supply components and systems, SDS has expanded its current product line with results from several R&D projects. These new products are specialized power supplies fitted to dedicated applications such as micro channel plates, streak cameras, Pockels cells, APDs, CCD intensifiers, mass spectrometry detectors. In addition, two benchtop and/or portable instruments are now available: a HV power supply for multipurpose HV applications and a gamma (y) radiometer.

SDS Specialty High Voltage Power Supplies Selector

Product Application Voltage - Max
GIPO Series HV Pulse Generators Pockels cell / High Capacitance Devices 8000V
LBT Compact HV Power Supply High voltage AC-DC bench-top power supply 0 - 100V to 8000V
FPB Compact PMT Power Supply PMT Power Supply built into the PMT Socket 1500V
MCP Compact Power Supply High Voltage Power Supply for Microchennel Plates 3000V
High Voltage Linear Ramp Generator Streak Camera Power Supply 1500V
GAM Gamma Ray Radiometer Portable Gamma-Ray Radiameter w Geiger-Muller Tube N/A