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Spatial Light Modulator

RealLight's Spatial Light Modulators (RL-SLM) use both translucent and reflective liquid crystal micro-display technology to dynamically modify the amplitude and/or phase of incident light.

These spatial light modulators are extremely powerful new optical devices which individually manipulate each pixel in real-time. Not only is it possible to directly connect PC video/graphics to RL-SLMs in the same way as plug-and-play projectors, but users can also program these dynamic optical elements to behave like gratings, lenses, diffractive optical elements, apertures, masks, information processors & encryptors.
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RealLight’s spatial light modulators are truly revolutionary devices whose range of applications is only just starting to be explored.

RealLight’s Advantages:


RL-SLM-T Series

The RL-SLM-T Series modulates the phase of transmitted (polarized) light using translucent liquid-crystal micro-display technology. It finds applications throughout the optics industry because of its high phase modulating accuracy, compact footprint and fast response time.

Unique Features:


Type RL-SLM-T1
Mode Transmission
Array Size 1.3inch
Pixel Pitch 26um x 26um
Resolution 1024 x 768
Fill Factor 67%
Phase Modulation 02π@532nm
Transmittance< 55%
Image Frame Rate 60Hz
Wavelength Range 400nm-700nm
Signal Format VGA
Addressing 8 bit




The RL-SLM-R series is based on reflective LCOS (liquid crystal on Silicon) 9µm pixel pitch micro-display technology, allowing reflected light to be manipulated with very high spatial resolution. LCOS technology allows the incident light to be randomly-polarized.

Unique Features


Mode Reflection
Array Size 0.45 inch
Pixel Pitch 9um x 9um
Resolution 1024 x 768
Fill Factor 89%
Phase Modulation 01.2π @532nm
Transmittance 72%
Image Frame Rate 60Hz
Wavelength Range 400nm-700nm
Signal Format VGA
Addressing 8 bit



RL-SLM-R2 (New)

RL-SLM-R2 is RealLight's new Spatial light modulator with 1280×1024 resolution, up to 2π phase modulation, above 1000:1 contrast performance, widen the application of spatial light modulation tremendously.

Unique Features


Type RL-SLM-R2
Array Size 0.78 inch
Pixel Pitch 12.3μm
Resolution 1280×1024
Fill Factor 90%
Phase Modulation 0~2π @532nm
Reflectance 70%
Image Frame Rate 60Hz
Wavelength Range 400nm-700nm
Signal Format DVI
Addressing 8bit, 256 level


Besides offering standard SLM products, RealLight offers additional sales & application support services:


Phase calculation software:

Simulation of diffractive optical elements: The corresponding phase information (DOE) of object is computed by G-S algorithm.

A. Phase compensating available, eliminating the Black-matrix effect perfectly
B. With our lens-less diffraction function, optical components are not needed anymore for imaging
C. Our software generates basic optical components such as including apertures, arrays, Fresnel lenses, axicons as well as different kinds of gratings

Our software is capable of running most brands of spatial light modulators resolution-adjustable.


Multi-channel control software:

Powerful software that is not only capable of controlling other brands of SLM’s, but which also can control up to six independent SLM’s simultaneously from one PC.