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Spectral Imaging and Hyperspectral Imaging

Precision Meets Versatility

Spectral imaging systems, hyperspectral imaging and spectrographs represent inno-spec's core area and central competence. The spectral imaging products for which inno-spec develops its successful solutions are just as versatile as the electromagnetic spectrum.

Spectral systems from the ultraviolet (UV) to the mid-infrared range (MIR) are provided by inno-spec. Customized spectral and hyperspectral imaging products are also available. Whether you require a special wavelength range or want to use a certain camera – inno-spec can make it possible.

The enormous versatility of spectroscopy allows its application in a variety of applications, including hyperspectral imaging, chemical imaging and infrared (IR) cameras for imaging and processing.

Spectral imaging and hyperspectral imaging are made easy with inno-spec systems and software solutions.

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inno-spec systems are “tough” for the processing environment:


Software Solutions

inno-spec has partnered with Prediktera to create a software solution that easily converts the output of the inno-spec spectral imaging system to a working application. You now can easily customize the system to measure and categorize what you want. It is really hyperspectral imaging made easy!!! See the video above. And there is more...

Mini Spectrometer

LMS-R LED Minispectrometer is the new ultra compact, lightweight instrument for spectral analysis in the near-infrared range 1.3 –2.4 μm. It enables very fast and simple measurement procedure of various samples: solids, liquids, powders. Datasheet

LED Line Lighting

The LED line lighting with integrated Fresnel lens is characterized by its compact design and homogeneous illumination. In the standard version, it is equipped with RGB LEDs. However, other wavelengths are possible upon request. Pulsed operation requires a stabilized 24 V voltage supply. The lighting features a modular design and is therefore available in various lengths.
Product Illumination
Pulse Duration Working Distance
LED Line Lighting (Visible) 750 x 14mm 1µs to 65ms 300mm standard
200 - 1000mm


Stepper Table and Accessories

In order to extensively ease measuring tasks with our pushbroom spectral imaging systems in the laboratory, we also offer a suitable stepper table with 2 lighting units. The table facilitates measurements with a spatial resolution of under 10 µm in the scanned direction and is controlled via the data acquisition software of our imaging systems.
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Table Size Max. Motion Max. Speed Resolution
Stepper Table 430 x 600mm 305mm ~5.5 mm/s < 10µm


Applications Notes:
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