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Ultraviolet UV Filters: 200 - 400nm

Wavelength Technology offers competitively priced medium and high volume ultraviolet (UV) filters. These filters are used in a broad range of applications including ultraviolet (UV) monitoring, industrial and power plant gas analysis, flame detection for oil rigs and petrochemical plants, UV curing systems, UV spectroscopy, ozone layer analysis, water purification systems, aircraft avionics and UV detectors.


Thermopile detectors / sensors

Wavelength Technology provides:
  • Ultraviolet (UV) monitoring
  • Industrial and power plant gas analysis
  • Flame detection for oil rigs and petrochemical plants
  • UV curing systems
  • UV spectroscopy
  • Ozone layer analysis
  • Water purification systems
  • Aircraft avionics
  • UV detectors


Standard NBP Filters
There are a number of standard Narrow Band Pass (NBP) available from Wavelength Technology.

Filter and Coating Types

Narrow Band Pass (NBP)

Wide Band Pass (WBP)

Long Wave Pass (LWP)

Short Wave Pass (SWP)

Neutral Density

Anti-Reflection (AR)


Technical Notes

The applications for optical thin film filters are so diversified that filter characteristics are dependent on considerations such as the kind and intensity of the source, detector characteristics, and optical path geometry. Wavelength Technology will assist you in selecting a suitable standard filter or in establishing the specifications for a custom-made filter.

Glossary of Filter Terms (PDF)

Filter Technology

Temperature Shift

Angular Shift

Military Specifications

Surface Flatness Definition